Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tagged Again...

ABC's Tag

The rules? answer each question, and tag 4 (or more) friends. Leave a comment on friends' blogs letting them know that they've been tagged. Have fun!

A= Attached or Single: Attached
B= Best Friend: Angela
C= Cake or Pie: Cake
D= Day of Choice: Friday
E= Essential Item: watch
F= Flavor of Ice cream: mint chocolate chip
G= Gummy Bears or Worms: neither - I hate gummy anything
H= Hometown: Huntington, NY
I= Indulgence: wine
J= January or July: July. No question.
K= Kids: Ryan(12), Amanda(9), Brendan(7)
L= Last movie I saw at a theater: Sex and the City
M= Musician: Kenny G (I can't really choose a favorite cause I love almost all music - but he's the first one who popped into my head)
N= Number of Siblings: 3
O= Oranges or Apples: both
P= Phobias or Fears: claustrophobia
Q= Quote: Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. - John Lennon
R= Reason to Smile: my kids are not fighting right now
S= Season: Summer
T= Tag: anybody who wants to play
U= Unknown fact: I'm drawing a blank on this one
V= Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Oppressor (that sounds bad, but I'm not vegetarian)
W= Worst habit: procrastinating
X= Xray or Ultrasound: Neither but if I have to choose, I'd rather have an xray
Y= Your favorite food: carbs in any form
Z= Zodiac sign: Cancer